Monday, 20 August 2007

Displacement Activities

Well there are hundreds of them, aren't there? And I have participated in several over the last week.....Club Penguin, which I still love, though am getting a teensy bit bored with. I'm especially heartened by the fact the site has been bought for gazillions of dollars by Disney, who think they are buying into something used by the world's 6 year olds, when in fact it's bored/blocked/unemployed/would-be writers aged 40+ who play in there all day. Suckers....

I've also sneaked in a birthday, but I'm beginning to realise that with each passing year, this is less a source of joy and more a day of bone-shaking terror at how quickly the last year went by and why I'm getting fewer presents each time. Come on family, shape up; a woman's never too old for presents, OK?

Have I written anything this week? No. I have a plot for a romantic novel, but as I don't read them, nor do I particularly want to write them, I'm stuck. But maybe this is a way to get me back into daily writing....

The other thing I've been thinking about in the last week is walking round the coast of GB for charity....I have this urge to do something out of character and believe me, walking for pleasure is one such thing.


Gatepost productions said...

Woo Hoo ... another one airborne Dragana ...Well done hope it stays in the air longer than the last!

Happy Birthday ...again!

I now have your blog address correct, been trying, this and the old one with no luck!

John S

Drags said...

hi john. ditch the old contravened the sensibilities of some obscure secret organisation i fear and having just seen the bourne ultimatum, i can well see how!

Viki Lane said...

Club Penguin - I KNEW there was something I should be doing. I haven't fed my puffles for weeks!

Happy birthday again too!


Drags said...

oh viki, your puffles will be experiencing serious abandonment issues....i may have to report you!
and thanks for the birthday greetings....x