Monday, 8 October 2007

So Quiet

It's been just over a week now and nothing has filled the space that's remained, that small honey-shaped hole that's been growing since she left. My laundry isn't infiltrated by impossibly small and rainbow-coloured knickers; my fridge is no longer a repository for wheat-free snacks and sugar-free Red Bull; the kitchen doesn't vibrate to the boom 'n bass of Basement Jaxx and there is no fair and sweet-smelling head touching mine on the sofa as we swoon over Dr McDreamy on Gray's Anatomy.

My baby's gone to Uni.


Gatepost productions said...

AAAaaah! I had one granddaughter left - she is at college- then she goes to uni!!!
Ring ring - 'Hello Grandad I'm back'... eldest gd has a job in Sheffield, 10 miles away. Whoopppee

She is the Home Office's Indepenant Advocate for Domestic Violence in Sheffield .... a dangerous job ... now the worry starts to build.

ie Situation back to normal


Drags said...

wow wonderful sounding job though john, you must be proud of her. x

tea and cake said...

Awe, I know how you feel. When my son joined the army at aged 16 (despite us not wanting him to) I thought my right arm had been chopped off.
For some reason I kept buy linen - sheets, duvet covers, towels - nestbuilding I think.
Awe, she will be back.